Study of materials for improved adsorption of xenon at IMS radionuclide stations: Task 1 – Selection of materials and initial comparison study

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The SCK CEN has been contracted, under the EU JA VII program, by the CTBTO to perform a fundamental study on adsorption materials for improved xenon adsorption at IMS radionuclide stations. The aim of this project is to provide options for future IMS NG systems to: further decrease the detection limits by improving the Xe collection efficiency (which could allow to shorten the sampling duration) and reduce the energy consumption of the systems. The focus of the project is thus on investigating new materials that could potentially improve the purification and concentration stage. The project is subdivided in two phases. In a first phase, a selection of Xe adsorption materials is performed based on a literature review of the current state of the art in this field and a first comparison of the selected material is performed based on a Xe/N2 adsorption isotherm and on air breakthrough measurements. This first phase will allow to identify the most promising materials for further investigation with respect to their application in IMS NG systems. In the second phase, a sub-selection of materials will be performed based on the outcomes of phase 1. These materials will be further investigated for their possible application in IMS NG systems. The focus will be on investigating: the durability of the materials towards adsorption/desorption cycles, diffusion of Xe in the materials and the effect of impurities, flow rate and stable xenon yield in the context of IMS NG applications.
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PublisherSCK CEN
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StatePublished - 15 Jan 2020

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