Study on the response of IFMIF fission chambers to mixed neutron-gamma fields: PH-2 experimental tests

David Rapisarda, Ludo Vermeeren, A Garcia, O. Cabellos, J.M. Garcia, A Ibarra, J.M. Gomez-Ros, F. Mota, N. Casal, V. Queral, Vincent Massaut

    Research outputpeer-review


    The engineering design of fission chambers as on-line radiation detectors for IFMIF is being performed in the framework of the IFMIF-EVEDA works. In this paper the results of the experiments performed in the BR2 reactor during the phase-2 of the foreseen validation activities are addressed. Two detectors have been tested in a mixed neutron-gamma field with high neutron fluence and gamma absorbed dose rates, comparable with the expected values in the HFTM in IFMIF. Since the neutron spectra in all BR2 channels are dominated by the thermal neutron component, the detectors have been surrounded by a cylindrical gadolinium screen to cut the thermal neutron component, in order to get a more representative test for IFMIF conditions. The integrated gamma absorbed dose was about 4 x 1E10 Gy and the fast neutron fluence (E>0.1MeV) 4 x 1E20 n/cm². The fission chambers were calibrated in three BR2 channels with different neutron-to-gamma ratio, and the long-term evolution of the signals was studied and compared with theoretical calculations.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1232-1235
    Journalfusion engineering and design
    Issue number6-8
    StatePublished - Oct 2011
    Event2006 - SOFT: 4th symposium on fusion technology - Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw
    Duration: 11 Sep 200615 Sep 2006

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