The CEC benchmark Interclay on rheological models for clays: Results of pilot phase (January-June 1989) about the boom clay at Mol (B)

B. Côme

Research outputpeer-review


A pilot phase of a benchmark exercise for rheological models for Boom
clay, called INTERCLAY, was launched by the CEC in January 1989. The
purpose of the benchmark is to compare predictions of calculations made
about well-defined rock-mechanical problems, similar to real cases of
the Mol facilities, using existing data from laboratory tests on
samples. Basically, two approaches were to be compared : one
considering clay as an elasto-visco-plastic medium (rock-mechanics
approach), and one isolating the role of pore pressure dissipation
(soil-mechanics approach). The former was used by LMS, whereas the
latter was adopted by GCG and ISMES. Both approaches were based on test
data on good quality samples of clay taken from excavations at a depth
of 240 m at Mol.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPublications Office of the European Union
Number of pages118
ISBN (Print)92-826-1484-0
StatePublished - 1990
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NameNuclear science and technology
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