The life-limiting aspects of the reactor pressure vessels

Robert Gérard, José Van de Velde

    Research outputpeer-review


    The reactor pressure vessel deserves a special attention in the studies related to the life extension of a nuclear power plant, due to the fact that its replacement would be very difficult, if not impossible, and that the failure of this component would have catastrophic consequences. The present paper is dedicated to the life-limiting aspects of this essential component and concentrates on the following topics: - review of the different degradation mechanisms affecting the reactor pressure vessel of a pressurized water reactor; - monitoring of this degradation; - influence of these degradation mechanisms on the operation and on the life time of the units; - remedial actions that are available to mitigate this degradation or even reverse it.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationLife extension of nuclear installations
    EditorsRaymond Godin
    Place of PublicationParis
    PublisherSfen - Société française d’énergie nucléaire
    Number of pages24
    StatePublished - 3 Jun 1992
    Event1992 - BNS-SFEN Meeting on life extension of nuclear installations - Brussels
    Duration: 3 Jun 19924 Jun 1992


    Seminar1992 - BNS-SFEN Meeting on life extension of nuclear installations

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