The long-term behaviour of Eurobitum bituminised radioactive waste in geological disposal conditions: Integration report – Status December 2014

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This report on the long-term behaviour of Eurobitum bituminised radioactive waste in geological disposal conditions – Integration Report Status December 2014, is produced in the frame of the programme of the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials (ONDRAF/NIRAS) on the geological disposal of long-lived intermediate-level radioactive waste. It is important to note that the focus of this report is on the long-term behaviour of the Eurobitum waste itself, independently from the host formation in which this waste will be disposed of in the future. Because the near-field processes for this waste could have an impact on the properties and performance of a plastic clay host rock such as the Boom Clay (i.e. geochemical and geomechanical perturbation of the near-field clay), and because for more than 10 years studies have been done on the possible effects of these processes in the Boom Clay, the processes in the Boom Clay that are induced by the disposal of Eurobitum are included in this report, to foster the full understanding of the possible impact of these processes. Should another host rock be selected, the importance and potential impact of some processes will have to be investigated again, but also in this case the insights obtained so far are very valuable: the insights and results can either be directly transposed, or the underlying theoretical understanding of the processes can be the basis for new estimations of their relevance and importance.
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