The Miniball spectrometer

Nigel Warr, Jarno Van de Walle, Michael Albers, F Ames, Beyhan Bastin, Christopher Bauer, Vincenz Bildstein, Andrey Blazhev, Sabine Bönig, Nick Bree, Bart Bruyneel, Peter A Butler, Joachim Cederkäll, Emanuel Clément, Thomas Elias Cocolios, T Davinson, Hilde De Witte, Pierre Delahaye, Douglas D DiJulio, Jan DirikenJ Eberth, A Ekström, Jytte Elseviers, S Emhofer, DV Fedorov, Valentin N Fedosseev, Serge Franchoo, C Fransen, Liam Paul Gaffney, J Gerl, Georgy Georgiev, R Gernhäuser, Tuomas Grahn, Dietrich Habs, H Hess, AM Hurst, Mark Huyse, Oleg Ivanov, Jendrek Iwanicki, Dave G Jenkins, J Jolie, Nele Kesteloot, O Kester, Ulli Köster, M Krauth, Thorsten Kröll, Reiner Krücken, M Lauer, J Leske, KP Lieb, Rudi Lutter, L Maier, Bruce A Marsh, Dennis Mücher, M Münch, Oliver Niedermaier, Janne Pakerinen, M Pantea, G Pascovici, Nikolas Patronis, Dieter Pauwels, Andrew Petts, N Pietralla, Riccardo Raabe, Elisa Rapisarda, Peter Reiter, A Richter, O Schaile, Marcus Scheck, Heiko Scheit, G Schrieder, D Schwalm, Michael Seidlitz, Maxim Seliverstov, T Sieber, H Simon, KH Speidel, C Stahl, Irina Stefanescu, PG Thirolf, HG Thomas, Michael Thürauf, Piet Van Duppen, Didier Voulot, Robert Wadsworth, G Walter, D Weisshaar, Frederik Wenander, A Wiens, Kathrin Wimmer, BH Wolf, PJ Woods, Kasia Wrzosek-Lipska, KO Zell, Lucia Popescu

    Research outputpeer-review


    The Miniball germanium detector array has been operational at the REX (Radioactive ion beam EXperiment) post accelerator at the Isotope Separator On-Line facility ISOLDE at CERN since 2001. During the last decade, a series of successful Coulomb excitation and transfer reaction studies have been performed with this array, utilizing the unique and high-quality radioactive ion beams which are available at ISOLDE. In this article, an overview is given of the technical details of the full Miniball setup, including a description of the γ -ray and particle detectors, beam monitoring devices and methods to deal with beam contamination. The specific timing properties of the REX-ISOLDE facility are highlighted to indicate the sensitivity that can be achieved with the full Miniball setup. The article is finalized with a summary of some physics highlights at REX-ISOLDE and the utilization of the Miniball germanium detectors at other facilities.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1-32
    JournalThe European Physical Journal A
    Issue number3/40
    StatePublished - 26 Mar 2013

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