Thermal flowmeters for CLF3

R. De Wet

Research outputpeer-review

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Various models of three flow-meter types were constructed, and tested for stability, predicability of calibration and rate of response to change in gas flow rate. A commercial model of one of the types was also tested.
The calibration of all except the calorimetric type is affected by change of temperature of the incoming gas. All meters used with ClF3 show a change of calibration attributed to corrosion by the gas. The calibration of the calorimetric type is predictable from first principles. These test show that prediction of the calibration of the other types could be made if model experiments are first performed.
The calorimetric type gives the fastest response, about 25 seconds for return to steady state after a step change in flow.
Recommendations are made for the future improvement of flow-meters for this duty.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSCK CEN
Number of pages43
StatePublished - Dec 1964
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NameSCK CEN Reports
PublisherSCK CEN

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