Thermochemistry of polonium evaporation from LBE

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    Polonium is formed in relatively large quantities in lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) cooled nuclear systems. Because of its radiotoxicity and volatility, a good understanding of the chemical equilibria governing polonium release from LBE is required. In this work, a set of thermochemical data is derived for the chemical species involved in the equilibrium between a solution of polonium in LBE and its vapor in inert conditions. The data were obtained by matching thermochemical models with experimental vapor pressure measurements and ab initio results. The dilute-limit activity coefficient of dissolved polonium in LBE is estimated, as well as the solubility of solid lead polonide in LBE. The results indicate that polonium evaporates from LBE according to the experimentally determined Henry’s law, up to dissolved polonium concentrations well above that expected in LBE cooled nuclear systems.

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