Water-Soluble Organic Matter in Boom Clay: Status report 2012-2016

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Despite several years of research of the Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in Boom Clay (BC), a complete picture of the dynamic of BC water-soluble OM is still missing and research should be continued. In this report, we describe the recent progresses accomplished during the period 2012-2016. The performed works were focussed on the understanding of the behaviour of water-soluble OM present mostly at the Mol site in terms of stability, mobility and sorption. In a first chapter, we focus, via the use of BC rock samples and pore waters retrieved from a limited set of piezometers, on the characterisation in concentration and size distribution of the water-soluble OM along the BC profile at the Mol site , its stability and on the relations linking the water-soluble OM to solid OM. In a second chapter, we report and discuss the last results obtained on the interaction of water-soluble OM with BC in Mol site conditions and in variable saline conditions. In a third chapter, we briefly address the association of the BC water-soluble OM with some major and trace elements present in BC. A last chapter is dedicated to the study of the transport properties of BC water-soluble OM in BC samples in Mol site conditions. In each chapter, the results obtained in the recent works are discussed together with the results obtained in the past, and summarised in Bruggeman and De Craen (2012), to draw a complete picture of the current knowledge on water-soluble OM in BC.
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StatePublished - 1 May 2017

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